PreListing Service Providers

Thank you so much for trusting us with your most prized asset, your home. 

But just as important our ability to effectively market and procure a sale for your home, we believe making the entire journey as simple and care free as possible is equally as important to us.

This is why we have gone to great lengths to be able to provide you effective communication along the way, but also a list of pre-vetted service providers to assist you along the way to making your home shine. 

Here is the list of our most trusted service providers for the PreListing phase:

  • Home Cleaning Services:
    Melissa McGinley
  • Landscaping Services:
    Alfredo Sanchez
    Primavera Landscaping
  • Painter:
    Todd Patton 
    Fresh Look Painting
  • Handyman/Electrician:
    Ky Walker
  • Plumber:
    Joe Rich